Medical Benefits: Procedures

Procedures for Filing Supplemental Medical Claims

All claims must first be submitted to your primary group or individual insurance plan. If your primary insurance does not automatically send you an Explanation of Benefits (EOB), request one from them or obtain it from their website.  In order to receive payment from the SPRA Supplemental Medical Plan, please submit the EOB to: 

Seattle Police Relief Association
11030 E Marginal Way S
Tukwila, WA 98168
Phone: (206) 726-9095, or Email

A copy of your claim will be placed in your file and the claim will be processed in-house by SPRA for payment.

If your plan has prescription or doctor office co-pays, your primary insurance does not reimburse them. To obtain reimbursement, attach doctor or pharmacy receipts to a co-pay reimbursement form, or include a co-pay print-out from your pharmacy and/or doctor and submit them to the SPRA office.

The co-pay reimbursement forms are available from the SPRA office or are downloadable here