Medical Benefits

General Information: Background information concerning SPRA supplemental medical plans.

  1. The SPRA medical plans are always supplemental to the Seattle Police Department Plans or any other benefit plan under which a Member may be covered.
  2. Non-eligibility or non-payment of a benefit or claim expense by the City of Seattle or any other plan will also cause non-eligibility and non-payment by these plans.
  3. Eligible medical expenses covered under these plans are based on the definition of eligible medical expenses under the City of Seattle's Plans or any other medical plan under which a Member may be covered.
  4. To add or delete dependents to the Plan, you must complete the SPRA Enrollment/Change form which may be obtained at the SPRA office.
  5. There is a limited sign-up period of 60 days for adding newborns and new spouses to this Plan, with the newborn's effective date retroactive to his/her date of birth, and new spouse's effective date retroactive to the date of marriage.