Emergency Relief

The Seattle Police Relief Association has a special emergency fund for the purpose of aiding members and their dependents in times of unusual emergency or crisis. Moneys given from this fund are considered a gift, rather than a loan. There is no repayment required and no interest charged. Grants are given for no more than $5,000 per emergency to any one member or family.

Active or retired members in good standing are eligible to apply for an emergency relief grant. Should the member be deceased, the member's widow or widower or dependent children become eligible to apply for an Emergency Relief Fund grant.

To apply for an Emergency Relief Fund grant:

  • State in writing the reason for the request, the circumstances involved, and the amount requested. No particular form or format is required.
  • Submit your request to any Trustee of the Board of Trustees or to the Association Administrator.

After receiving the request, the Board will make a determination as to whether the particular circumstances warrant a dispensing of funds, and if so, how much. A three-quarters majority vote is needed in order to award a grant.

In the past, grants have been given for serious need upon the member's illness or death, severe financial need when the member has no other reasonable resources, and other extreme situations.

The Seattle Police Relief Association established the Emergency Relief Fund on June 1, 1962 by addendum to the Association's By-laws.

Please feel free to discuss this fund with any trustee or office staff.