Welcome to SPRA


Why join the Relief Association?  It's that rare organization whose members say, "It's about us, not about me."  Since 1893, for nearly as long as there has been a Seattle Police Department, Relief members have banded together to help each other.  Decades before the city stepped forward, the Relief provided disability, medical and death benefits for our members.

What are the specific benefits we share?  

  • Wonderful vacation opportunities for families and friends
  • Benefits for surviving spouses and families when the unthinkable happens
  • Low-interest loans to help out when unexpected expenses arise
  • Support for continuing work-related education during members' careers

Tough times come for us all: the Relief will be there for us as it has been for our founders and all who came after them.  Respect for the Badge, understanding and appreciation of each other -- these make us truly a band of brothers and sisters.  Join us!  Be part of this proud tradition!