SPRA Membership Benefits

Membership in the Seattle Police Relief Association provides access to a number of benefits. 

Medical Benefits

Traditionally the Association has provided various types of insurance coverage and at one time was the primary if health insurance coverage for officers and their families.  Over the years the City has assumed that role and the Association now focus on an array of supplemental plans designed to provide benefits to both active and retired members and families that are not addressed in the primary coverage.  See the Medical Benefits section for more details.

Emergency Relief Fund

Recognizing that life can present special challenges at the most inopportune time the Association created an Emergency Relief Fund to aid officers and their families in times of need.  Over the years this fund has often provided that “little bit” of help needed to weather an unexpected storm.  See the Emergency Relief Fund for more details.

Emergency Loan Program

In like manner the Association provides a small loan program at a very favorable rate and with a reasonable payment plan.  Many of our members have taken advantage of this benefit from time to time.  See the Emergency Loan Program for more details.

Education & Training Fund

Training is crucial to career development and sometimes members have been unable to attend important program because the Department was unable to provide full funding to meet the tuition and expenses associated with the training.  The Association has created the Education and Training Fund to meet that need.

Fitness Benefit

The Association encourages health and wellness in its members and offers a fitness benefit to all members in good standing. The Seattle Police Gyms provide several fitness facilities to accommodate all active police members and the Association donated funds to improve those facilities and to waive the gym registration fees for our members.

Read through the various benefit description for more details.