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NOVEMBER 15, 2023


Rising labor costs in the service industry have inevitably impacted SPRA condo operating expenses. Consequently, after careful and considerable deliberation, the SPRA Board of Trustees has voted to raise the rental rate for the condos. Rates will increase by $25 per night for each condo; the monthly rate for the Phoenix condo will be $2,300. This rate increase will apply to all new reservations, effective immediately. The rate will remain unchanged for members that already have a signed 2024 rental agreement or are in process of finalizing a 2023 or 2024 rental agreement before November 30, 2023. Deposits to hold reservations, cleaning fee, and damage deposits will remain unchanged..

The new rates will be as follows:            

Maui $175 per night
Chelan $150 per night
Whistler $150 per night
SunRiver $150 per night
Phoenix $150 per night
$2300 per month during the months of low occupancy

The Board would like to emphasize that despite this new fee, SPRA does not make a profit on the condos as the condo usage is a benefit to our Members. The SPRA condo rental rates are still the lowest in their respective areas for comparable units. The SPRA Board knows that the quality and value of the five condos to its over 1,500 members (Active and Retired) remains one of our Associations greatest benefits. 

Detective Frances Smith


The Seattle Police Relief Association maintains five condominiums for rental to our members.  The condos are located in Washington, Arizona, Oregon, Whistler, and Hawaii.  For skiing, surfing, swimming, golfing, hiking or just being laid back, the SPRA condos have a location for you.

Each condo accommodates up to six people and is located so as to afford easy access to the seasonal recreational activities of the area.  Rental rates vary by the venue and range from $150 to $175 per night.

  • All units furnished and equipped with washer, dryer, kitchenware and linens
  • Officer must be present at the condo during lease

Reservation Drawing:  Owing to the high demand and limited number of condos, reservations are made one year in advance with the renter selected by a drawing.  The drawing is held on the first work day of the month one year prior to the month that you are requesting.

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Special Availability:  From time to time condos become available on a shorter term reservation.  The available dates for these reservations are listed here.

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