Condominium Rules & Information


The condos are for the exclusive use of members of the Seattle Police Relief Association and their families. Members must comply with the following rules when using any of the condos.

  1. Reservations for Maui, Phoenix, Sunriver, Whistler, and Chelan may be made throughout the year, and in addition may be made one year in advance via a lottery drawing. To participate in the lottery, check for vacancies or make reservations, call the SPRA office (206) 726-9095 or email

  2. Once a reservation has been made, a “Condominium Agreement” will be sent to you. This must be signed and returned to the SPRA along with a $200.00 deposit per condo/reservation. This must be submitted by the due date shown on the agreement. Failure to pay the deposit on time will forfeit your reservation for the unit.

  3. You will not be refunded any part of your deposit if you cancel the reservation outside of the following time frames. The only exceptions the Board of Trustees will consider are serious illness, serious debilitating personal injury, accident or Act of God. Chelan, Phoenix, Sunriver, or Whistler -- within thirty (30) days of the date reserved; Maui -- within ninety (90) days of the date reserved.

  4. The balance is due in full prior to the reservation when you pick up the unit keys from the SPRA office. If you are unable to pick up the keys you may request they be mailed to you up to two weeks before your reservation date (after the balance due has been received).

  5. The member must be present at the condo during the reserved time and may not sub-lease, loan, or allow the unit to be used by anyone else.

  6. Members must pay for long distance telephone calls made from the condo or any other incidentals incurred during your stay.

  7. Absolutely NO PETS or other animals are allowed inside any of the condos. This rule is rigidly enforced because many people are allergic to animals, and pets can cause damage and odor problems.

  8. Absolutely NO SMOKING is allowed inside any of the condos. You may smoke only outside the unit using appropriate ashtrays. Further, you must check the rules at each condominium complex as many have designated areas for smoking as well as restricted smoking areas. Smoking is not allowed anywhere on the Chelan Resort property.

  9. Members are responsible for the cost of lost keys, remotes, extra cleaning, damages or items missing from the unit. This will include steam cleaning the carpets due to spills not thoroughly cleaned up.

  10. You may not park recreational vehicles, including motor homes, campers, boats or trailers at any of the condos. Sunriver has RV storage space, but you must arrange for such a space in advance with the resort. There are assigned parking stalls at Chelan and Maui. Vehicles must be parked inside the garage (not in driveway) at Phoenix and Sunriver.

  11. Members must pay additional charges incurred in the event the hot tub needs extra maintenance during or after your stay due to misuse. This includes water changes and calls to the hot tub maintenance company to reset jets, etc. (Whistler only).

  12. You will be ineligible to use any of the condos in the future if you fail to comply with these rules.

Download a pdf copy of the rules.